Opening Perspectives

We believe that in any crisis there are also opportunities.

Our goal is to find synergies in the current economic environment bringing projects together from all across the globe.

International development

We provide tailored services to help companies and brands to develop internationally, mostly in Asia and Europe. We in particular focus on connecting the right people to create effective strategic and/or operational synergies.


We can help our European clients to raise capital confidently and find foreign private equity investors in order to stabilize a business or make it grow. Conversely, we can help investors to find new opportunities aboard.

Brands rescue

Kamvas Partners is able to facilitate opportunities to businesses looking for new horizons as well as existing organisations aiming at leveraging on historic legacy or specific features of an existing company or brand. Brand Rescue services can be used to complement an existing portfolio or for a specific project.

Our team

Kamvas Partners is focusing on communication and understanding between each stakeholders before, during and after each transaction.

Our team is divided in western and Asian sub-sections which know how to function together effectively. The purpose of this structure is to break out regulatory constraints and cultural and languages barriers and to insure that interests and priorities are preserved and effectively communicated and implemented on both sides.

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